Fire Pit Glass – Mesmerize with Fire

Fire pit glass is the latest technology that’s available in the market today that will help you to decorate your fire pit with contemporary twist. The fire glass comes in different colors. There are different colors and sizes that you could choose. You can either use one color or mixture of different colors. You can personalize your fireplace and match this with the interior colour of your house. Fireplace glass crystals, additionally referred to as fireplace glass, or fire pit glass rocks could be use with fire columns. You do not need to worry as this fire glasses don’t emit dark toxic smoke cigarettes and is safe to health. A great way to save the environment. It offer green solution for those who wanted to participate in conserving the environment.

The fire crystals provides you with a more dazzling and enchanting fire that you have not seen prior to. The entire family will surely appreciate setting in entrance of the fireplace or fire line. The fire glass that blazing glass offer maintain and produce heat longer than many other materials you use in your fireplace. It also assist you to to save money since it actually keep extra heat and will not melt easily. The glasses don’t have sharp edges, making it secure to touch.

Are you a table tennis enthusiast? If so, then your decision in getting a table tennis table for your home is a great idea. Surely, this will bring fun to your family as well as your friends and guests who always come over. A table tennis table will last you years so it’s really a good recreational investment for the home. There are many table tennis tables out in the market today and you need help in choosing which one to buy. Here are the factors that you need to consider when buying a table tennis table:

Indoor or Outdoor?

Table Tennis Table

There are two main types of a table tennis table: indoor and outdoor. An outdoor table tennis table is made out of wood materials that will not warp especially if exposed to outdoor elements. Although the table is for outdoor use, you still shouldn’t leave it under the sun for long periods of time. Store the table tennis table on your garage if you’re done using it. However, even though it is fun to play table tennis outside, playing indoor table tennis is still better. This is because an indoor table tennis table has a better playing surface. Well, you can bring your indoor table outside to play on fine sunny days just don’t leave it there after using. Indoor table tennis tables can’t be exposed to sun and rain for a long time.

Types of Indoor Table Tennis Table

table tennis tables

When buying an indoor table tennis table, you might want to look at a table top conversion kit. You can use a pool table and just convert the table top surface to use for playing table tennis. Usually, these kits are foldable and all you have to do is set-up the net. If you have limited space at home, a foldable table tennis table will be a good choice. However, the quality for a foldable table is questionable. The quality of your play will not yield so much because of the thickness of the table. Plus, what do you really expect? It’s just like placing a board on top of a table to play table tennis.

If you have children at home, you can get a mini table tennis table. The angles of a mini table can be adjusted. The middle part can be lowered so that the kids will have a slower game which is really perfect for them to learn the game slowly. A mini table is great for having fun and killing boredom, but if you are dead-serious in learning to play the sport, then you should definitely get a full-sized table instead.

Now, if you’re for full-sized table tennis tables, you have to choose between fixed or a foldable one. If you have ample space at home, you can get the fixed table. But if you want to save some space, you can choose a foldable one. There are two types of foldable tables: one is a table that you can fold up in the middle while the other table is separating the table in half. Usually, the foldable tables have wheels so that you can easily push them against the wall. The wheels also have brakes so that the table won’t move when you are playing. This type of table is also great for solo practice as you can simply fold the other half up. On the other hand, a fixed table tennis table is a stand-alone unit. You can just leave it there and there’s no need to set-up. These fixed tables come in many designs.

Table Tennis Table Thickness

If you want to have high quality table tennis playing, you must look into the thickness of the table tennis table. The best tables have a thickness of 25-28mm and if you are a serious player, this is the table thickness you’d want to have with your table tennis table. For regular players, a 15mm thickness is enough as they are only using it casually and for fun. They won’t really notice much difference in the quality of play. Of course, the price will be more expensive for a thicker table. That is why you need to know what your goals are before buying one.


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Know your Tennis Idols
Tennis is one of the favorite sports today after baseball and football. Therefore, several teens desire to become an inspiring tennis player just like Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova. These famous names in the field of tennis have now become the tennis idols. Several of the new players follow the footsteps of these idols.


Born in 1970, Andre Kirk Agassi was a former tennis player from America who has played professionally and was ranked 12th for the period between 1965 and 2005. He has eight Grand Slam titles for singles along with one gold medal in Olympics. Due to sciatica and other problems, he retired in 2006. By the way, his wife is Steffi Graf who was the No. 1 tennis player among the women in her times. Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, just 25 years old, has also enjoyed the position of No. 1 Russian tennis player as well as the world’s highest paid athlete ($26 million). She has won three Grand Slam tournaments for singles.